Many members of the general public perceive the High Street Optician with a slightly cynical view. We only know this because we keep being told! Many people are told they cannot re-use frames, are charged for nose pads and small repairs. Many modern frames can be re-used and we only ask for a charity donation to wither VAO or Air Ambulance.

The eye examination is designed not only to make sure that you can see clearly, but to ensure that the health of your eyes is also maintained. We work closely with the local GP surgeries and are in regular contact with the hospitals. We will always endeavour to get you seen as quickly as possible.

Contact lenses account for a lot of our business. As an independent, we can source lenses from all major manufacturers. Whether you require the latest silicone hydrogel daily lenses through to the traditional hard GP, we have the knowledge to fit them all.

Impartial, unbiased advice is given about your eyesight and the best solutions required to give you the best vision. If your eyes only require ready readers, then we will advise so. However, should your eyesight and your vocation or hobby require something more demanding, we can also accommodate you needs.



With world-class ZEISS optics and knowledge from over a decade of experience in OCT, Cirrus captures spectacular images second to none. The scanner is similar to a MRI scan, it reveals parts of the eye that cannot be seen. For the first time we have the ability to see behind the eye. This allows us to see any underlying conditions, before they manifest themselves at the front of the retina, by which time your eyesight maybe irreversibly damaged.

The Cirrus HD-OCT is ideal for patients over 40. For patients with conditions such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (wet and dry variants), Glaucoma or Diabetes. All images are recorded and used for comparison. This way we can ensure that the health of the eye is maintained and we can you advise you on the correct diet, exercise and supplements.


Proper centration is crucial to ensure optimal vision from your new spectacles. Currently we mere Opticians can measure accurately to 0.5mm. i.Terminal 2 can measure to 0.1mm! Tilt and wrap of the frame and your posture are also measured. Without this information, valuable visual acuity can be lost. This is especially important for progressive lenses where all three vision zones have to be optimally adjusted so you can utilize all of the lens effectively.

A difference of a millimetre can be crucial to the quality of your vision!


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